Loose Dentures? We Can Help You Find Comfort

Loose Dentures in Ontario, CA | Mini Implants | Implant Dentures

Loose dentures can be a significant source of discomfort. They affect not only your ability to eat and speak comfortably but also your self-confidence and overall quality of life. Traditional dentures often slip and shift over time, causing frustration and irritation that impacts daily life. However, implant dentures provide a better alternative. Offering stability, comfort, and a natural feel, they provide a secure alternative to floating dentures.

At Esparza Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with the best solution to their denture problems. That’s why we provide mini dental implants, an innovative technology that is ideal for seniors with missing teeth. These implants free our patients from the woes of unstable dentures.

What Causes Loose Dentures?

Loose Dentures in Ontario, CA | Mini Implants | Implant Dentures

One of the more common causes of loose dentures comes from the process of resorption. This occurs after natural teeth have fallen out or are extracted. Following tooth loss, the jawbone begins shrinking, causing several issues. Traditional dentures, which rest on the soft tissues, cannot prevent bone resorption.

When patients seek a better solution, we recommend implant dentures. These present a groundbreaking solution thanks to mini dental implants. These implants, inserted into the jawbone, act as artificial tooth roots, preventing bone loss. By replacing the tooth roots, implants stimulate the jawbone. This stimulus prevents jawbone deterioration by strengthening the bone. This system’s stability eliminates the discomfort of loose dentures, firmly securing the dental appliance to the jaw.

Mini implant dentures are an innovative approach that restores comfort and function and safeguards the jawbone’s integrity. Implant dentures allow you to regain the strength of your jaw and offer a long-term solution to the challenges arising from resorption and its impact on denture fit.

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How Do Implant Dentures Work?

Implant dentures are similar to traditional dentures as they replace a full set of teeth, but mini dental implants secure the prosthetic. Mini implants, measuring under 3 mm in diameter, are half the size of conventional implants. While they occupy minimal space in the jawbone, they are strong enough to stabilize your denture.

In cases where patients are deemed unsuitable for traditional implants due to a narrow or weak jawbone, bone grafting is often required. This additional procedure involves sourcing and transplanting tissue to the jaw, prolonging the treatment time. In contrast, mini implants—thanks to their significantly smaller size—frequently eliminate the need for bone grafts. This streamlined implant process is particularly beneficial for those seeking a swift tooth replacement solution or individuals with dental anxiety.

Their small size also facilitates a much less invasive procedure. To place the implants, we will simply drill a tiny pilot hole through the gums, securing each implant post into the holes. Once the mini implants are in place, they are instantly stable, allowing us to connect the denture immediately. Despite being much smaller than traditional implants, mini implants deliver comparable strength for denture stabilization.

Are Implant Dentures Permanent?

Our practice often recommends mini dental implants for all forms of tooth replacement because they are suitable for most patients and are strong enough to support all kinds of restorations, including implant dentures. While the implants themselves are permanent fixtures in your mouth, we provide removable and non-removable denture options, depending on your needs and preferences:

  • Implant-retained dentures: Also known as overdentures or “snap-on dentures,” implant-retained dentures offer a removable yet secure solution by snapping onto mini implants. This option typically requires fewer implants but provides a reliable and practical alternative for individuals seeking enhanced denture stability and ease of use.
  • Implant-supported dentures: These permanent dentures offer a steadfast solution as they are securely cemented to the implants. This system uses a zirconia roundhouse bridge, a full arch of teeth that is incredibly strong and looks more natural than other dentures. To enhance the stability of the restoration, these permanent implant dentures usually necessitate a greater number of implants.
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During your free consultation, we will discuss your goals regarding your implant dentures. This discussion forms the backbone of our tailored approach, allowing us to craft a personalized solution that aligns precisely with your needs.

Can Implants Stabilize My Existing Loose Dentures?

Sometimes, it is possible to stabilize your loose denture with dental implants. It does, however, depend on several factors. We will need to evaluate the current state of your denture at your free consultation. If it is well-fitted, in good condition, and large enough, we may be able to convert it to a snap-on denture. Additionally, where the implants need to be placed in your jawbone may not align properly with the space in your current denture. In these cases, we recommend a new prosthesis specifically tailored to your needs. This guarantees an ideal fit and maximizes the functionality of the denture for your comfort and convenience.

Replace Your Loose Dentures Today

If you want to swap out your loose dentures for a more stable option, we can help. Mini implant dentures offer a reliable fixed solution, greatly enhancing comfort and confidence in everyday activities. With your implant dentures, you can say goodbye to loose dentures!

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation at Esparza Dentistry. Together, we will explore your options and determine the best choice that suits your requirements, ensuring your journey toward a comfortable, functional, and confident smile perfectly aligns with your expectations.

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