CEREC Crowns: Your Fast and Effective Tooth Replacement Option

CEREC crowns in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants | New Teeth

Let’s talk about dental crowns. If you’ve ever had a tooth that needed repair or replacement, you know it can sometimes be a lengthy process. Usually, you have to wait for the restoration to be crafted at an off-site dental lab. Meanwhile, you’re left with a temporary crown. Let’s be honest: who has the time for that? You just want to have it done and move on with your life, right? At Esparza Dentistry, we believe that dental work should be efficient, convenient, and effective. As much as we love seeing our patients, we understand that you don’t want to make a million trips just to restore your smile. That’s why we invested in a state-of-the-art CEREC machine, allowing us to offer same-day crowns.

Same-Day Crowns With CEREC

CEREC crowns in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants | New Teeth

Imagine coming in with a damaged or missing tooth and walking out with a brand-new permanent crown, all in one visit. The CEREC machine uses advanced technology to create custom crowns right in our office. No more waiting weeks for a lab to make your restoration and no more dealing with temporary crowns that can be uncomfortable and unreliable. Instead, you’ll receive a beautiful, durable crown in just one visit.

The process is simple and efficient. First, we prepare your tooth by removing any decay or damage and shaping it to fit the crown. For missing teeth, we will simply place a mini dental implant in the open space using our efficient, minimally invasive technique.

We then take digital impressions with an intraoral scanner. These impressions are transferred to a computer, where we use special design software to customize your crown. The CEREC milling machine then uses this data to precisely create your crown.

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While you relax, we mill the crown right here in the office. Once it’s ready, we place it, make any necessary adjustments, and you’re ready to go!

The Science of CEREC and Your Dental Crowns

Same-day crowns are possible thanks to innovative dental technology. Instead of traditional molds, we take detailed 3D images of your tooth with a special digital camera. The impressions are sent to a computer, where we design your crown using computer-aided design (CAD) software. We’ll manipulate the digital model, ensuring your crown fits your exact specifications. Once the model is ready, we send the specs over to the milling machine. The CEREC machine uses computer-aided manufacturing to carve your crown from a high-quality ceramic block. This milling process is extremely accurate, down to the smallest detail, ensuring a perfect fit and a natural look.

When your crown is created, we’ll check the fit, make any necessary adjustments, and permanently bond it to your tooth. In just a couple of hours, your final crown will be securely in place!

If you need a dental implant, we can use mini dental implants for same-day solutions. These are smaller than traditional implants and allow for “immediate loading.” This means once your crown is ready, we can place it right away. We’ll make any necessary adjustments and bond it securely in place. You’ll leave the office with a complete smile—all in one visit!

How You Can Benefit From Same-Day Crowns

So, how do CEREC same-day crowns benefit you? Well, aside from the expedited timeline, you also avoid the hassle of multiple appointments (even for mini dental implants!). Same-day crowns streamline your entire dental journey. Instead of waiting weeks for a lab to create your crown and dealing with temporary solutions, CEREC technology allows us to design, mill, and place your crown all in one visit. You’ll need fewer trips to the dentist, giving you more time to enjoy your restored smile.

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Don’t let the speed of CEREC crowns fool you—these crowns are remarkably strong and durable. Made from high-quality ceramic, CEREC crowns provide a reliable and beautiful restoration option. They stand up to daily wear and tear, offering you a quick and long-lasting solution.

Explore the Benefits of CEREC Crowns at Esparza Dentistry

At Esparza Dentistry, we’re all about making your dental experience as smooth and convenient as possible. Our same-day crowns mean less waiting, fewer appointments, and a faster path to a restored smile. So, if you need a dental crown, why wait? Come see us and experience the convenience of same-day crowns with our state-of-the-art CEREC machine. Your time is valuable, and we’re here to ensure you spend more of it enjoying your smile, not sitting in the dental chair. Call us today and book your free consultation!

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