ClearChoice vs. Mini Dental Implants: Choosing the Smart Option for Your Smile

ClearChoice Alternatives in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants

Have you ever tried to call your cable company for what seemed like a simple upgrade, only to end up stuck in endless loops of upsells and hidden fees? They promise the world, but in the end, you’re left with a bigger bill and a lot of frustration. Traditional cable TV packages are a headache, often with long-term contracts and more equipment than you need. So, when you consider streaming services, they seem much more straightforward—flexible, tailored to exactly what you want, without all the hassle. Traditional implants offered by ClearChoice often feels like dealing with that cable company—higher costs, multiple appointments, and a long journey to get what you need. It’s a big commitment, often more than you initially expected.

Choosing mini dental implants means sidestepping the complications and hidden catches of traditional implants. It’s a modern, convenient solution that easily fits your life. At Esparza Dentistry, we believe that finding the right tooth replacement solution should be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, without all the caveats and fine print.

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

ClearChoice Alternatives in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants

You might be missing only one or two teeth and think you can wait to replace them. Or maybe you have a full set of conventional dentures that seem to work fine. So, why would you need dental implants? Several issues arise if you don’t replace your missing teeth, and even if you do, choosing the right solution is equally important.

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will shift out of place, causing misalignment and bite problems. These changes make chewing and speaking difficult and may lead to more severe oral health issues over time. Additionally, the bone where the tooth is missing will deteriorate, weakening your jawbone and altering the shape of your face.

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Even if you replace your missing teeth with a solution like conventional dentures, you might think the problem is solved. But what if you could solve so much more? Conventional dentures address the cosmetic aspect of missing teeth but don’t prevent bone loss or provide the same stability and comfort as dental implants.

Dental implants are a secure and effective way to replace missing teeth. Inserted into the jawbone, they look and function like natural teeth, providing strong support and preventing bone loss.

ClearChoice or Mini Dental Implants: Finding the Right Implant Solution

Traditional implants, typically offered by ClearChoice, are around 5 millimeters in diameter. These implants consist of three main components: the implant post, inserted into the jawbone; the abutment, which connects the post to the artificial tooth; and the crown or restoration, which goes on top. The larger size of the implant requires sufficient bone density for support. If the jawbone isn’t thick enough, a bone graft is needed to build up the bone before placing the implant. The procedure is more complex and time-consuming, often requiring several months for complete healing and integration with the bone.

Mini dental implants, on the other hand, are less than 3 millimeters in diameter. This smaller size means we can often place them without bone grafts, making the procedure simpler and quicker. A mini implant is a small, one-piece titanium post with a ball-shaped end that extends above the gum line. Their slim size and design allow us to insert them using a simple, minimally invasive technique. Instead of using stitches and incisions, we can make a small hole through the gums, resulting in little bleeding.

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The Tue Cost of ClearChoice and the Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Traditional implants provided by ClearChoice come with several requirements and commitments. They often boast of providing same-day teeth, but they don’t mention that this restoration is usually temporary, meant to be worn while the implant heals and fuses with your jawbone. Only after several months can your permanent restoration be placed. So, what does this longer timeline mean for you? You may face multiple appointments, additional procedures, and the overall time investment required for healing and final placement. This extended process adds up to considerable costs.

In contrast, mini implants cost about half as much as their traditional counterparts. Their streamlined process allows you to pursue tooth replacement without all the steps and the hefty bill. These implants can often be placed in a single visit, reducing the time and expense compared to traditional implants. Mini implants become stable as soon as we screw them into the jaw, thanks to their “immediate loading” capability. So, you can walk into our office and walk out the same day with a secure, confident smile.

Visit Esparza Dentistry for Your ClearChoice Alternative

As a Mini Dental Implant Center of America, Esparza Dentistry is dedicated to providing high-quality, convenient dental solutions. Our expertise in mini dental implants means you can trust us to offer treatments free of caveats and hidden surprises. Mini dental implants fit effortlessly into your life, providing immediate stability and comfort.

Isn’t it time you chose a dental solution that truly has your best interests at heart? Contact us today to schedule your free mini implant consultation.

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