Mini Dental Implants vs Conventional Implants

Watch this video by Dr. Bianca Esparza as she explains the differences between mini dental implants and the conventional dental implants you may be more familiar with.

A lot of patients come to our office with questions about mini dental implants compared to the traditional style of implants most people are familiar with. In this video, we will clarify the differences between mini dental implants and traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implants usually consist of three separate parts: the implant itself anchored into the jawbone, a connector or abutment, and a crown that sits on top. Mini dental implants, however, streamline this into two main components. The implant and the connector are fused into one piece, and then there is the crown.

A key advantage of mini dental implants is the fewer number of surgical procedures required. When you opt for a mini dental implant, the placement is straightforward and often less invasive. In many cases, the crown can also be fitted on the same day, which means the entire process could be completed in just one to two hours, depending on your specific needs. Traditional dental implants, on the other hand, typically involve a longer treatment duration, ranging from at least three to four months to sometimes as long as eight months to a year.

If you have any questions about the benefits or procedures associated with mini dental implants, feel free to contact our dental office. Our team is available to provide detailed answers to any queries you may have. Schedule a free implant consultation today.


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