Implant Dentures Can Transform Your Oral Health

Implant Dentures in Ontario, CA | Mini Implants | Free Consultation

If you’re using traditional dentures, chances are you’ve run into a few hitches here and there. Maybe you’ve felt some discomfort while chewing or worried about your dentures slipping at just the wrong moment. But why settle for something you simply tolerate when there could be a better solution out there? Upgrading from traditional dentures to implant dentures is a lot like swapping out a temperamental, old car for a sleek, high-performance vehicle. This upgrade promises not just a journey free from the bumps and uncertainties of the old path but a future that is smooth sailing, where comfort meets reliability.

Implant dentures offer a secure, steadfast foundation, eliminating the common grievances associated with conventional dentures. Just as a high-performance vehicle transforms the driving experience, implant dentures transform oral health and functionality. They ensure your smile is as dependable as it is radiant.

How do Implant Dentures Work?

Implant Dentures in Ontario, CA | Mini Implants | Free Consultation

Implant dentures present a modern solution in dental restoration, merging the stability of dental implants with the comprehensive coverage of conventional dentures. This approach involves anchoring prosthetic teeth directly to the jawbone with strategically placed implants. These titanium posts act as roots for the dentures, providing a secure and permanent foundation.

Unlike traditional dentures that simply rest on the gums, implant dentures lock into place, offering unparalleled stability and preventing the common issues of shifting and sliding.

Transforming Everyday Moments With Dental Implants

Implant dentures offer multiple benefits that significantly surpass those of their traditional counterparts. Their design and functionality cater to the wearer’s comfort, health, and aesthetics in ways that change how we think of dental prosthetics.

With the solid anchoring provided by mini dental implants, implant dentures restore chewing function. A strong foundation allows wearers to enjoy a broader range of foods, including those off-limits with conventional denture options. This key benefit can significantly improve nutrition and quality of life. Moreover, the secure fit eliminates the common fear of dentures slipping while speaking, ensuring clear and confident communication.

Keeping Time at Bay: Implant Dentures and Bone Health

Implant dentures also provide a solution for maintaining the integrity of facial structures. Traditional dentures are designed to match the contours of your jaw for a precise and comfortable fit. However, as the jawbone changes over time, the denture doesn’t align the way that it used to.

When teeth are lost, the jawbone no longer receives the necessary stimulation the tooth roots provide. The lack of stimulation leads to a process known as bone resorption, where the jawbone begins to shrink. The gradual loss of bone density can significantly alter one’s facial structure, particularly around the mouth and cheeks, resulting in a sunken appearance.

Since conventional dentures only rest on the gum’s surface, they do not offer direct stimulation to the underlying jawbone. As a result, they fail to halt the progression of bone loss. Over time, this change in shape also impacts the fit of the dentures, requiring frequent adjustments or replacements to accommodate the changing contours of the mouth.

Thanks to dental implants, implant dentures stimulate the jawbone like natural tooth roots, effectively preserving the face’s natural shape. By preventing the jawbone from deteriorating, implant dentures help support the facial structure, ensuring a more youthful appearance and a stable denture fit for years.

Navigating Bone Loss With Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are ideal for supporting implant dentures, particularly for patients who have already experienced bone loss. Traditional dental implants are roughly 5 millimeters in diameter and require a substantial amount of healthy jawbone for placement. If a patient does not have enough jawbone, bone grafting is typically needed to support the implant.

Mini implants are much smaller in diameter, measuring around 3 millimeters. Their compact size makes them ideal for individuals whose bone density has diminished, either due to the natural process of aging or as a consequence of prolonged tooth loss.

The reduced size of mini dental implants allows them to securely anchor in areas of the jaw with limited bone volume. They can be placed without necessitating extensive procedures that standard implants might require. This attribute significantly opens the possibility of dental restoration to a wider audience, offering a less invasive, more accessible solution.

Upgrade Your Smile With Esparza Dentistry’s Implant Dentures

Enhance your smile with implant dentures at Esparza Dentistry. They provide a secure, comfortable fit that allows you to enjoy life without the hassle of traditional dentures. Experience the difference between a stable and confident smile. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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