Benefits of Implant Dentures

Watch this video by Dr. Oscar Esparza where he explains the advantages that come with implant-retained dentures that aren’t found with a more traditional option.

If you have a loose denture and you’re not able to eat properly, then you end up putting the food aside and eating something really, really soft. When we place an implant, especially in the lower jaw where the patient has more issues, implants are a big benefit that can change your life. This denture snaps in, and you’re going to be able to eat properly. You don’t need glue to hold the denture anymore, and you’re going to be able to talk, enjoy your food, and have a social life.

If the problem is a loose top denture, or you feel like the food doesn’t taste the same because your palate is covered with acrylic, we can place mini implants which will hold the denture in place, and we can remove a portion of the palate that allow you to taste your food and talk naturally. If you feel the palate is still too big, we can go for a hybrid denture. We place metal inside, the same implants hold the denture in place, and there is less acrylic in the front, less amount of acrylic in the palate, and this almost functions like a bridge.

Your food is going to taste better, you’re going to speak easier, and you’re going to enjoy life. Please give us a call for a free consultation.


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