Discover Fix-on-Six: A Revolutionary Approach to Implant Dentures

Fix-on-Six in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Dentures

Choosing the right denture option is about more than just restoring your smile; it’s about regaining your comfort and confidence. With the growing demand for denture alternatives, implant-supported options are becoming increasingly popular. These alternatives offer enhanced security and stability by anchoring the false teeth directly to the jawbone. But with so many implant denture choices available, selecting the best one can be challenging. At Esparza Dentistry, one option we provide is the Fix-on-Six system because we believe that patients should not have to sacrifice comfort or convenience when it comes to full arch tooth replacement.

Understanding Implant Dentures

Fix-on-Six in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Dentures

Implant dentures offer a solution that closely mirrors the form and function of natural teeth. At their core, implant dentures consist of two main components: the implants themselves, small titanium posts inserted into the jawbone, and the denture that connects to them. This innovative design creates a secure connection between the denture and the jawbone, providing a stable foundation that addresses the common pitfalls associated with traditional dentures.

One of the most immediate benefits of implant dentures is their stability. Because the false teeth are anchored to the jaw with dental implants, patients no longer face the embarrassment or discomfort of dentures that slip or click when eating, speaking, or laughing. Additionally, they help maintain the integrity of the jawbone. Traditional dentures can accelerate bone loss because they do not stimulate the bone beneath the gum line. On the other hand, implant dentures mimic the pressure exerted by natural teeth, promoting bone health and preventing deterioration.

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Mini Dental Implants: The Foundation of Fix-on-Six

The key difference between the Fix-on-Six® system and other implant dentures is that it utilizes mini dental implants. At less than 3 mm wide, mini dental implants are half the size of traditional implants, which are about 5 mm. While this may seem small, the size difference has a big impact. Because of their narrow, single-piece design, mini dental implants facilitate a more efficient and minimally invasive placement.

The slim design means that mini implants generally don’t require a bone grafting procedure or invasive placement techniques. Their narrow width also translates to less discomfort during and after the procedure and a quicker healing process, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of their implant dentures much sooner.

Fix-on-Six vs. All-on-4

Fix-on-Six in Ontario, CA | Mini Dental Implants | Implant DenturesThe Fix-on-Six® system utilizes 6 to 10 mini dental implants. Other implant systems, like All-on-4®, stabilize dentures, but they use traditional implants. Specifically, the All-on-4® system relies on approximately four implants to support the denture, which is a crucial difference. By incorporating additional implants, Fix-on-Six guarantees increased stability, evenly distributing biting force across the jaw.

Even though the Fix-on-Six method involves more implants, it doesn’t prolong the treatment timeline. With mini implants, we can typically place all the implants needed in just one visit.

It is important to note that while mini dental implants are much smaller, they do not compromise durability or functionality. Their single-piece titanium construction is designed to withstand the forces of daily chewing and speaking, providing a secure and long-lasting foundation for dentures.

Fix-on-Six: A Cost-Effective Investment in Long-Term Bone Health

With its innovative use of mini dental implants, Fix-on-Six® is a testament to patient-centered solutions. By leveraging mini dental implants, this system addresses common challenges denture wearers face, particularly those who have experienced significant bone loss. Bone loss is a prevalent issue among denture wearers, often leading to the discomfort and instability of traditional dentures.

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Mini dental implants shine in these scenarios. Their smaller size allows us to use them in narrower jawbones where traditional implants would not be feasible without invasive bone grafting procedures. This capability ensures that more patients, even those who have seen a reduction in bone density over time, can access a permanent solution to stabilize their dentures.

Moreover, Fix-on-Six’s cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage over more traditional methods like All-on-4®. The procedure is more cost-effective because it uses mini dental implants. These implants require less invasive surgery and, consequently, less time in the dental chair, reducing overall treatment costs. Fix-on-Six’s affordability does not cut corners on quality; instead, it allows more patients to benefit from the transformative effects of implant dentures without the financial burden some may experience when it comes to tooth replacement.

Stabilize Your Dentures With Esparza Dentistry Today

If you’re struggling with complete tooth loss and are looking for a reliable, long-lasting solution, implant dentures may be the answer you have been searching for. Fix-on-Six® goes beyond traditional denture solutions. It offers a way to regain dental function and the confidence that comes with a stable and aesthetically pleasing smile.

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