Looking for Denture Replacement Options? Try Mini Dental Implants

Denture Replacement in Ontario, CA | Mini Implant | Implant Bridge

Are your dentures feeling more like a hassle than a part of you? Do you find yourself avoiding social meals or conversations out of fear of embarrassment? It’s not uncommon for conventional dentures to feel fine initially but eventually lead to a sense of disconnection from your daily activities. You might wonder, is avoiding these moments really making things easier? If you’re facing these issues, it might be time to consider denture replacement with mini dental implants. These implants can securely anchor your dentures, putting an end to worries about slipping and discomfort. Replacing your dentures with mini dental implants could be the freedom you’ve been searching for. Isn’t it time to embrace every part of your day without a second thought?

Why Should I Replace My Dentures?

Denture Replacement in Ontario, CA | Mini Implant | Implant Bridge

If you’ve been wearing your dentures for a while, you might have noticed they feel a bit loose. This is a common issue, but why does it happen? As you age, your jawbone naturally changes shape and shrinks, primarily if you wear dentures. This reshaping process, known as bone resorption, occurs because dentures don’t stimulate the jawbone like natural tooth roots. As a result, your dentures’ fit changes, often making them feel loose.

When your dentures no longer fit snugly, you might start experiencing discomfort. You may notice them slipping when you talk or eat, which can be embarrassing and frustrating. This instability can lead to sore spots in your mouth where the denture rubs against your gums, causing pain and irritation.

Loose dentures can also make it difficult to chew effectively. You might find yourself having to eliminate certain hard or chewy foods from your diet, which not only limits your enjoyment of meals but can also impact your nutritional intake. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a denture option that could eliminate these issues entirely?

Finding a Denture Replacement That Feels More Permanent

If your dentures are becoming loose, a common first step is to have them relined. Relining involves reshaping the base of your dentures to improve their fit against your jawbone, which can provide a comfortable solution—for now. Your jawbone will continue to shrink without natural teeth, meaning that relined dentures are often just a temporary fix. If you keep needing to reline your dentures, the costs and hassle will add up.

A more permanent solution to consider is implant dentures. These are a type of denture supported by and attached to dental implants. Dental implants are small, sturdy titanium posts inserted into your jawbone. Over time, these implants integrate with your bone, acting much like the roots of natural teeth. This integration helps to maintain the bone’s structure and significantly reduces further bone loss.

The benefits of going the implant route are significant. Implant dentures stay firmly in place, so they won’t slip or cause discomfort when talking or eating. They feel much more like your own teeth, allowing for a natural chewing experience and the freedom to enjoy a wider variety of foods.

Mini Dental Implants: The Support For Your Denture Replacement

If you’re considering replacing your dentures, you’ve likely noticed some bone loss in your jaw. This is a common issue for many denture wearers and can make the transition to traditional dental implants more complicated, often requiring procedures like bone grafting. Fortunately, mini dental implants offer a significant advantage here. Their smaller size means they need less bone density for successful implantation, making the process simpler and more accessible.

While traditional implants are roughly 5 millimeters in diameter, mini implants are less than 3 millimeters. Due to their reduced size, placing them is less invasive, involves minimal discomfort, and typically requires a shorter recovery time. More importantly, mini implants are a great option if you’re worried about bone loss. Even though they’re smaller, they still help in the same ways traditional implants do. Their design stimulates and maintains the jawbone just like natural tooth roots, preventing further bone deterioration. This means they can support your dentures effectively and help keep your face’s natural structure intact.

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