What are Nightguards?

Watch this video by Dr. Bianca Esparza where she explains our ability to alleviate teeth grinding at night and other TMD-related issues with custom nighttime retainers.

Nightguards are a type of plastic retainer that sits on your teeth. Nightguards can be used for patients that clench, meaning you have a lot of pressure on those teeth at night or during the day, patients that grind, meaning those teeth are just wearing themselves down and for other similar reasons that we use that nightguard. So with the nightguard, what we do is we take some models. We’ll make a nightguard which is a clear kind of retainer that’s pretty thick, so that it can withstand all those motions to protect your teeth and to hopefully lessen all of that strain that you have so that you don’t have all those problems that come with clenching and grinding. So if you think that you grind your teeth or you wake up in the morning with a very sore jaws, give our office a call. We’ll have a consult ready for you so that we can assess if a nightguard is going to be the best option for you.


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