CEREC Crowns in Ontario, CA

CEREC Crowns in Ontario, CA

Cerec is a unique cad/cam system for ceramic restorations in one single appointment. It is the most used dental cad/cam system in the world, creating high aesthetic metal free restorations without the need of impressions or temporaries. The process starts with the digital scan of the teeth using the CEREC 3D intraoral camera by simply gliding the camera over the teeth.

CEREC Crowns in Ontario, CAA full-color 3D model of the teeth is generated. The CEREC software allows the dentist to design a restoration quickly and easily without compromising precision and beauty. After design, your dentist simply fabricates the restoration using a ceramic block in a CEREC milling unit. After finalizing the restoration, it is seated in the patient’s mouth. Only CEREC products offer market-leading cutting-edge technology and incomparable training and support for all of its users and only CEREC is changing the way the world sees dentistry one smile at a time.

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