What is a Dental Bridge?

Watch this video by Dr. Oscar Esparza where he explains the various bridge appliances we offer to completely restore your smile.

If you have natural teeth and you’re missing one tooth, we can create a bridge. The bridge is going to need two supports: the molar in the back, which will be reduced in size to be able to place a crown, and the tooth in the front, also being reduced in size to place another crown.

The missing tooth will be fused to the other two crowns. That’s a conventional bridge. When we talk implant bridges, we place some mini implants to replace the missing teeth, and then we create a bridge. This bridge can be two teeth together or three teeth together, or even though if you’re missing all your teeth in the top, we can create a roundhouse bridge.

We place the mini implants, we cement it in, and this is a full roundhouse bridge. Please give us a call. We will find the best solution for you.


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