Can Anyone Get Fastbraces?

Watch this video by Dr. Bianca Esparza where she explains what an ideal candidate would be for orthodontic treatment with Fastbraces

The vast majority of our patients are eligible for accelerated orthodontic treatment through fast braces. However, it’s essential to note that suitability for this particular treatment is contingent upon several individual factors that vary from patient to patient. To make this determination, we offer complimentary consultations for any type of orthodontic care you may be considering.

During these consultation sessions, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of each patient. Factors such as the individual’s age and the complexity of their dental issues are taken into account. This allows us to determine whether fast braces are indeed the most effective and suitable treatment option for them.

So, if you’re contemplating orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultations. This will enable us to evaluate your specific needs and offer a customized treatment plan that is best suited for your dental health.


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