Bleeding Gums: Causes & Treatment

Watch this video by Dr. Bianca Esparza where she explains symptoms of periodontal disease and treatment options we can offer.

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, the first thing I recommend is to give us a call. Give us a call so that we can do a thorough exam and assess your gums, because bleeding gums always mean that there’s a problem. At home, what you can do if you’re experiencing gum bleeding and you’re waiting to get into your appointment, flossing is something that is going to help relieve a lot of that bleeding if there isn’t a deeper underlying problem. Many people floss, they bleed, and then they stop flossing because they think the floss created that bleeding.

But that is not true. The floss is actually cleaning those areas, and I guess it’s bleeding because those gums are inflamed. So the more you floss properly, the more that bleeding is going to go down. Now, if you do need other treatment, get that treatment done at our office by calling, creating your appointment so that we can assess what you need. But at home, if you have those bleeding gums, make sure you’re brushing well and make sure that you’re incorporating flossing into your routine.


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